ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 1

I’m really impatient about this cycle, so I decided to start this cycle without knowing the winner for now! I’ll probably only get through like 3 or 4 photoshoots before the winner’s announced anyways mainly because there’s only like 5 girls in the running left so far. We’re now going back in time to their very first photoshoot here. This shot has the same old boring skyline that they used back in cycle 4 for their bubble, trampoline, and zalora shoot. They’re jumping, but a good amount of the girls aren’t even jumping in this shot. I don’t think any of these photos are amazing to be honest, but none of them are anywhere near terrible to be honest. Just bland at most actually. Let’s get through the very first shot of cycle 5 now.


Maureen’s one of the more shorter girls to compete, but she sort of compensates with her stunning eurasian face. She’s basically Katarina 2.0, but let’s move onto why this photo even got 1st place when there’s a photo that everyone loses their mind over. (we’ll talk about that photo later on) Yes, Maureen really does look like her height here, which isn’t a good thing at all considering that she’s 168 cm, but I really do like her movement in this photo. I love the fact that she’s giving so much sass in this photo. The slight gasp that she’s making to the side of the camera seems so bitchy, and I love it. Her eyes look committed to the attitude as well. The modeling in her arms as well is really nice. It’s a good start for Maureen in my opinion.


Let me just say that Dorothy has my portfolio of the cycle so far, and this is one of her many gems in her portfolio. At first, I never really understood the love for its “action”, but now, I can see why everyone likes this photo now. The face on stare is powerful, yet it looks like she’s looking down on you. The bored expression is so brilliant here. It’s contrasting compared to the extreme action to her body and hair. The hair flip looks great in this photo. The body could’ve been a little better, but it still looks good here. Blue on Dorothy doesn’t look bad either. After all the great things this photo has, we get to her neck… This was such an easy FCO for Dorothy if it weren’t for the fact that her neck is making a perfect V. I still love the action in this photo though.


I don’t get why people lose their minds over this photo. It’s not THAT good at all in my opinion, but it does deserve a pretty high callout considering the photos this week. Let’s start off with the positives here though. Clara’s face looks so stunning in this photo. Her eyes have a slight sense of hope. The way she turned back like that is beautiful as well. I could tell that her body is slim despite the red potato sack she’s wearing. Lastly, I’d say that her legs look really slim and nice here. That still doesn’t distract me from the fact that she lost BOTH of her arms. The only sign of her arms still existing if the hand underneath the cloth. I guess it might as well be more of a sabotage because of the potato sack covering up both of her arms, but it’s so distracting that I just can’t place it as FCO let alone be one of the best this cycle.


Alicia was pretty much the dark horse of the competition, but I never realized until how good her pictures were until now though. This photo was really forgettable when I first looked at the photos, but it’s recently take my liking for this week. Her legs look really big here, but the boots look really nice. Alicia also did a really nice jumping pose. Her limbs benefit from the pose. I wish she didn’t put her arms in her jacket, but it doesn’t exactly bug me that much to be honest. The side look is really cute too, but I don’t like how she looks kind of scared in this photo. Also, from the torso down, her skin colored shorts are really not showing at all, so it makes her look nude from the torso down. It’s still a pretty strong start for Alicia here.


God, I love Layla so much. She was my pre show favorite because of simply how high fashion she was. Sadly, her first photo is honestly her best photo of the competition, but it’s a good thing that this photo is actually really good in my opinion. The drama in her pose here. All of her limbs look so ridiculously long here though. She’s as tall as the buildings in the background at this photo. Her waist looks slim here a swell. She’s accentuating the curves of her outfit. (which looks great on her) The angle of her face is not her best though. I don’t like the fact that her cheek is covering half her face, and she looks a little strained to be honest, but this is still a great shot of Layla.


Like Maureen, Jennica is extremely short  (I think she’s actually short than Maureen), so I’m not surprised that Jennica looks short in this shot. Despite her length, she’s doing everything else right. She’s one of the girls who actually got taken a photo WHILE they were jumping and not landing, so she has that advantage. The outfit looks really nice on her too. I think it’s actually my favorite outfit of this week to be honest. Her face is really nice too. The open mouth and the gaze to the off camera is really pretty. Unfortunately, like I said, her length is still her downfall in this shot. Good thing this is Jennica’s ONLY photo with her full body. (spoiler not spoiler)


This is certainly one of the more forgettable photos for this week. In fact, the twins’ portfolio is rather forgettable in general. This week, Veronika’s the better one of the two. The body is similar to Maureen here. It’s just that she slightly more action than Maureen does here. The arch on her back is actually great here. The hand on her hip only makes the arch looks even better. The outfit doesn’t look bad on her. It’s a little baggy, but it’s an ugly outfit, and if she can look decent with it, I’m fine. However, we get to her face here. Both Veronika and Valerie don’t exactly have very unique features even if they were an only child. The blank stare just isn’t doing it for me here. It’s not the bored expression that Dorothy did. It’s just so blah here. Other than that, it’s a decent photo.


I really like how different Heidi’s photo is compared to the rest of the girls. I felt like she really went for the jump here. She looks kind of too caught into the moment here, so it kind of looks messy as a photo here. The fabric flying everywhere is nice, but it doesn’t sell the clothes. The closed eyes feel kind of candid for me here, but hey, her legs look really long and slim here. Unfortunately, since Heidi leaves early (spoiler I know), it turns out to be one of the more forgettable ones of the bunch, so this is her best photo of the cycle.


I really do like Tu, and this really should be a lot higher than it is if it weren’t for the early episodes showing Tu fainting every single second. Her body looks insane here. Her body has really nice curves. Her limbs look insane, and she’s tall here as well. Not only that, but Tu is making her outfit look great here. I love the fabric just flying everywhere like that, but similar to Veronika, we get to her face. It’s not that Tu’s face is a bad expression. Well. It actually is a bad expression because if you hadn’t watched the first episode, it showed TU fainting and being constantly tired during the photoshoot. The fatigue in her eyes and the open mouth makes it easy to tell that she’s exhausted here. Because of that, she falls here despite her insane body.


Hey Valerie, who you killin’ today, huh? Seriously though, I think commitment in the eyes is very important to make a photo look fashionable and magical, but when you put this much, it starts to feel more like a fight scene. I can tell that she’s going for the classic NTM fierce here, but she just doesn’t look like a model here at all. Her legs look really thick here too. Almost a little too muscular here. Though, I really like her waist here. It’s really slim here. The outfit in general looks really nice. The boots look great compared to her legs. The hand pulling on the sweater adds onto the commitment, but like I said before, don’t put so much commitment to the point where you’re just not a model at all, but hey, at least she looks cool.


You may be asking why Shikin’s and Cindy’s photos are below Valerie’s right? Well, I actually really like that Valerie really tried in her photo, but Shikin and Cindy were dishing out some EXTREMELY bland photos for me. The fabric is dramatic here. Like Tu, her legs look very slim and nice here. Overall, her body is one of the best this week with so much action with a good outfit to work with that action. Then, we get to Cindy’s “I smell a nasty fart” face that completely just turns off the photo for me, which is a shame for such a great pose. I was sure Cindy would be an early out from this photo but guess what happens next?


Sorry for putting this photo so low. I actually do think Shikin’s the winner of this cycle, but in my opinion, this is a really bland start for her. Like literally everyone else this week, her legs look nice. She has a small arch in her back, and that’s all I like about this photo to be honest. There’s nothing that I exactly dislike about this photo actually. I just find it bland because not only is she jumping (camera probably caught it at the wrong time, but why choose this photo), but  her face looks extremely duck like here. I can see through those duck lips. Weak start for probably our winner.


Is this like the first time that the bottom two is actually the bottom two on one of my posts? Don’t remember, but this is one really bland photo for me. I do not like the placement of her legs here. They look really floppy to me. Her eyes actually look really nice in this photo, but I hate that her lips are pouting in this photo. It makes it look way more tense. Both hands grabbing the jacket like that just makes her hands look like a baby’s. Hey, at least she looks extremely tall in this photo.

14.Anjelica (Eliminated)

There we go, this is ASNTM’s 5th time of choosing the perfect first out again. This photo is not bad at all in my opinion. All the girls did pretty good at most and bland at least. This falls into really bland. Anjelica had a really nice outfit to work with. The interesting patterns could’ve been showcased as better as they could be here. The pose in general is okay, but look at those eyes. She looks really dead, and it’s not helping the fact that not only are her features uninteresting, but she’s also doing it straight on. Perfect choice for first out, especially judging from that nasty promo shot.





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