ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 2

I actually like this week’s photoshoot. It’s really simple, yet it works well for an early photoshoot. The photoshoot is basically them smiling in a 4 part collage, and a majority of the girls did decent this week. (except one certain demon face here) Although, I do have to say that this week falls into one of the much more forgettable photoshoots similar to last week, but I still like it either way. The only thing I have a problem with is the callout order. Bar the FCO (which I love), the callout order was a literal mess this week. The girl who got eliminated really wasn’t a loss at all, and she saved someone’s ass from being eliminated and becoming a blonde beauty onward from her first 2 tragic weeks. Now let’s get into our second week of this great cycle!


For a photo that caused so much conflict during panel, I was surprised that this got FCO, but thank god it did because Dorothy did an incredible job this week.  This is a beauty shot, so the girls basically had to pray that their features would turn out great. Dorothy looked like a bobblehead in her promo shot, but her head shape here is like the perfect shape for a smiling photoshoot. Every single one of her shots have a different attitude, yet they all complete the same brief, to have a genuine smile. My least favorite would be the top left, which is a little bland compared to the fantastic 3, but it’s still very solid. This isn’t even her best shot of the cycle yet, so prepare for butts for her next shots, both horrible or perfect.


I’m extremely surprised that this photo got into the bottom 2 because it’s far and away Jennica’s best shot of the cycle. I’m just guessing that it’s to give all those Maureen stans some sort of vengeance. This is still a really good shot of Jennica though. I don’t like her shirt, but who really cares about that. Jennica is one of the younger ones, and she certainly looks it here. She’s so young and fresh here. Her smile is really cute too. She’s fitting the brief very well here. I love the fact that her hair is let down on own side for her. It kind of shocked me that Jennica was put into the bottom 2 for a photo this good.


So, everyone basically expected Cindy to do bad this or next week and to go home. She then just randomly rises to the top in the next few weeks. This shot is so adorable. Cindy is really cute already, but this is just so adorable, I can’t even with her. Cindy has the sad eyebrows baby face thing going on with her. Though it’s not that much of a shocking look, Cindy knows how to use it well in this photo. All of her smiles look really cute in my opinion. She seems a lot more genuine that the other girls as well. My only concern is her neck. It seems to either be nonexistent or twist like a contortionist, but that’s just a minor thing.


Sort of ironic that the two Filipinas that hate each other are right next to each other on this callout. Anyways, I know Maureen is kind of relying on her beauty here, but this IS a beauty shot, so I don’t know what else you’re supposed to do. This isn’t anything too amazing, but since Maureen’s height doesn’t factor into ANYTHING in this photo, she lucked out and got a great photo. I didn’t expect more or else because all of these photos are really solid. The bottom right is really cute. I like the way she’s flirting and looking back like that. The top 2 are a little similar, but it’s still a really nice composition of photos.


If only Alicia had a more defined bone structure here, and it would easily break top 3 this week, but yeah, that’s the main reason I can’t place it much higher here. Her face in general is just so chubby here. If you look past her non existent bone structure, Alicia’s doing an excellent job of the brief here. I love the gasp expression she’s doing on the top left. None of the other girls did something like that this week. Alicia’s features are pretty masculine in general, so I felt she had a bigger weight on her this week, but she’s luckily still doing a great job despite that.


I originally had Shikin higher than Clara, but I bumped her up because of how cute Clara is in her bottom right photo! I felt so much genuinity coming from her there. She almost lost her model there though. It’s a good thing that her other 3 photos balance out how she’s still a model. I like how she put herself at a lot of different angles here. Though, I wish she wasn’t looking down on the ground like that to be honest. I want to see her sparkling eyes in this shot, but it’s still a good shot. My favorite of all of these would be her bottom left. It still has the sense of being genuine while her hair looks beautiful in that photo. I really don’t like saying this, but Clara’s right about her gum smile being distracting, and I’m not sure a client would higher her for that, so she gets 6th place, but at least she made up for it for having stunning facial expressions!


I forgot how lovely Tu’s face is. Especially her eyes too. My favorite of the 4 has to be her top left. Yes, it seems to be safest one of the 4, but I really feel that sense of genuinity in her eyes, which are absolutely dreamy there. The other 3 have the same problem though. Tu did what was said on the brief, to make a smile. However, she didn’t complete the brief of making a BELIEVABLE one. I guess you can actually bar her bottom left one, which is actually really cute and straight one, but the other two are a little much. The top right is at a really bad angle, and I could barely see her pupils there. The bottom right is a good photo, but not a good campaign for the brief to be honest. It just feels so out of place compared to the other simple 3. Basically, that one photo everyone loves is one I don’t love once again.


Yeah, all these photos are a little too expected from Shikin, but it gets this high mainly for the fact that she’s doing the brief decently enough. Shikin’s smile is surprisingly cute despite her edgy look that kind of borders on androgynous.  I guess my ultimate problem of this photo is the fact that her eyes look wide open. It’s like they’re going to pop out of her skull. Good thing we can’t see that in her bottom left shot. Shikin looks great, but out of every shot here, my favorite of these photos is her bottom right. I love the gesture with her hand, and Shikin looks so cute and lovely there. However, Shikin needs to start stepping up her game and show that she indeed does have professional experience. At least it’s better than last week’s duck mess.


This is probably a really underrated opinion, but although Veronika is indeed the better twin this week, it’s really not by a big margin. I remember how everyone was riding off on how Veronika is the better twin every time they were mentioned. Thwen Valerie proceeded to whoop their asses, but that’s a story for week 5. For this shot, I’m just not a fan of the twins’ looks in general. Veronika is giving SOME variety compared to Valerie though. THe peace sign is cute. The pose might be a little dated but still cute. The top left is cute too, but we then get into bland terriroty with the photos on the other side. They are the exact same. It’s not that Veronika’s smile isn’t good for commercials, but I wished she gave the same variety she did as her left side.


The problem with this shot doesn’t even lie with how she preformed. It was pretty known by everyone that Layla was bound to give a bad shot based on solely her features. Despite this, I guess the judges pitied her and gave her a FOURTH call out for this. Layla’s one of my faves actually, but I knew that she wasn’t the full package based on this photo. I could never ever see this in a campaign. However, this photo is ridiculously cute though. Out of all the girls, she is the most genuine by far. Not the most modelesque smile, and certainly not one of a campaign. Layla’s headshape is weird in this photo, but I really like how she looks. The fourth shot is so incredibly cute with Layla letting go. Despite this, the fact that Layla was shot way out of her boundaries made it hard for her to look like the girl next door smile. Shame because I love Layla so much.


I had Valerie above Layla at some point, but I decided to dock her here because of how cute Layla looked in her shot. I actually like how Valerie looks in this shot. Her eyes are little too squinty and kind of troll-like, but all around, she has a great smile, and I like how her long hair looks. However, my problem with this photo is that it’s the ONLY thing that is in this shot. There’s no variety whatsoever. All 4 of these photos are the exact same, with a slight exception at her head being tilted a little for her top right photo. It’s bland, but at least she can give ONE good thing. Just give something more.

12.Heidi (Eliminated)

I’m happy that Heidi was sent home because in my order, Nametha wouldn’t have seen the third shot if it weren’t for Heidi’s photo. Actually, this photo isn’t very good in general. I like how Heidi said how she had a great smile, but she got sent home for it. It’s kind of funny but sad at the same time. Heidi looks genuine here, but I feel like she doesn’t know how to control her smile and turn it into a campaign in any way. Her eyebrows here make her look slightly evil too. I really wanted for Heidi to get a makeover because here, it looks like she has a lion’s mane. I feel like I’m being a little too harsh on Heidi, but I definitely do agree with the elimination choice, but she isn’t mine because of…


…this demon child’s photo. Bar her last shot, (which actually isn’t very modelesque but cute at least) all of these photos look like a horror movie child actor here. I can’t help but smirk when I see these photos. In fact, I bursted out laughing seeing these photos on RTVG the first time. Don’t even get me started with Nametha’s Angie Eye syndrome on her top right shot there. SHE’S TRANSOFRMING is what I’m assuming there. I’ happy that Nametha lasted longer than here because of her portfolio afterwards being far better than her first 2 shots.


1.Dorothy 2/1 (1.5)

2.Maureen 1/4 (2.5)

3.Jennica 6/2 (4)

4.Clara 3/6 (4.5)

5.Alicia 4/5 (4.5)

6.Cindy 11/3 (7)

7.Layla 5/10 (7.5)

8.Veronika 7/9 (8)

9.Tu 9/7 (8)

10.Shikin 12/8 (10)

11.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

12.Valerie 10/11 (10.5)

13.Nametha 13/13 (13)

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1



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