ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 3

For this week, this was surprisingly a great week for the models. I’d actually argue that this is the best photoshoot of the cycle. (unless the last few weeks suddenly take the cake) The top 5 photos are all amazing, and my FCO I think, is amazing and easily one of the best this cycle. The makeovers looked absolutely beautiful this week. I really do like how denim worked with the farmer’s field background. The random chair in the middle of nowhere is a nice touch too. For the elimination, I can’t call her robbed because her look isn’t great, but she took great photos, and I thought that her photo this week wasn’t bottom 2 worthy either. She also seemed to be the core of the drama, so I thought she’d get the Janice treatment. Guess not. Let’s get into this great week!


I swear by the holy lord that I am not crazy biased for her. Dorothy just takes amazing photos in my eyes (and some atrocious ones at times). This photo was easily my favorite of the cycle when the episode aired. It of course has dropped a little, but it will probably make it into my top 5 of best photos this cycle (that is if this cycle just suddenly has the most stunning week in ASNTM history). First of all, look at how toned her stomach is here. She’s also creating some insane shapes here. The lean on the chair is so fabulous and effortless. I have to admit that I HATED that Dorothy got bangs even though her makeover never stated that she would, but she’s rocking her bangs here. Her face is so BEAUTIFUL here. The slouching face works wonderfully in this shot. She looks like Kari Calhoun (C21 ANTM), whom I absolutely adore and was my favorite girl of the cycle, which helped her placing even more. What a fantastic photo.


Both of the twins luckily have had a time to shine individually. Veronika gets to shine earlier. Though her phone isn’t as good as Valerie’s future photo, this is still an amazing shot in my opinion. I really can’t believe that this was shoved into the bottom 4 of photos. Like seriously? Anyways, let’s get into the awesomeness of this shot. I really like how fresh her pose is. Her pose is filled with confidence, and she’s giving her body a really nice S shape on her back as well. She looks like a skyscraper here as well. It might just be the cropping but meh. Her face is orgasmic here as well. I really liked how her makeover looks here. The way she put her arms in the air like that is great as well. It feels like a national campaign ad. My single problem is her huge butt, but it’s not bothering me that much.


This was my initial favorite until Dorothy’s and Veronika’s photo really caught my attention. Still though, this is an AMAZING photo of Shikin. This her best photo so far in the competition. I love how cinematic the photography is as well. She places well inside the grame. She’s just standing there, but sometimes, standing there with confidence is a great thing. It works so well here too. Her body looks great. A little bit of a boring body, but I still like how it looks. Then we get to her face. Let me just say that all of the girls who had blonde-ish hair had their hair glowing like Jesus Christ coming down from the sky. It looked THAT radiant, I’m telling you. Shikin’s hair over her one eye is amazing. She’s then showing off a single incredibly powerful eye here. The intensity is amazing. It’s probably my favorite photo of Shikin.


I’m not a fan of bent legs on a girl at all, but Alicia is working it here. This is by far, her best shot. Though we have taken a small drop from the top 3, this shot is still wonderful for Alicia. I love how sultry, yet tomboyish Alicia looks. Alicia’s a very butch-like girl, and it’s showing here. Her neck looks 1000 feet long here as well/ Her stomach is incerdibly toned here too. I really like how loose the jacket looks on her here. It’s so hot to look at. The shape she makes  with her waist is actually incredible. She made a really nice arch on her back here. Let’s get to the face now. Look at how the light caught her face. It’s a literal HEAVEN to look at here. She caught it perfectly. The expression is very sultry. It’s a shame that this was a good week in general because this would be an easy FCO for a normal week.


Nametha’s makeover is basically like Michelle (C4)’s. In real life, it’s an ugly piss yellow that should be covered at all times. On the camera, it’s a literal radiance of holy light every time a photo of it is taken. I’m not sure that this photo would be good as it was if Nametha had brown hair here instead, but it’s not like Nametha’s doing literally nothing here. She’s doing what Dorothy was doing, which is basically slouching. I really like that she took the slouching to the extreme here. Her face is STUNNING here. The pose is lovely too. Nametha’s rabbit teeth are showing, and unlike last week, it’s so high fashion here. Unfortunately, it’s the potographer’s fault for making the jeans look ugly and get cropped out, so Nametha is stuck here.


At this point, I was sure that Cindy was going to go home sooner or soon until she got a FCO for this week. That shocked me so much, because Cindy looked like an early-out. Guess not… Anyways, this got FCO, and I don’t agree with it, but it’s still a great photo. First of all, THOSE LEGS THOSE LEGS THOSE LEGS. They look absolutely amazing here! I love long and slim they look. The jeans look incredible with this pose as well. Her pose is still a nice pose too. Her pose is easily the second best pose (next to Veronika). THe heels are being worked in this shot as well! Then we get to why this is 6th place, which is her face of course. Like week 1, she knows how to work her body, but she gives such an unflattering expression. She’s lucky her pose is so good because her face is blow up doll here. At least she tried something different from the girls here.


We’re halfway through the callout order, and these photos are still really good! I LOVE that Clara went for such a butch pose. The attitude in her expression is really strong here, and I love how it looks like she’s grabbing her crotch for some reason. Clara’s makeover sucks though… I know some girls look better with their hair cut short, but Clara is far and away someone who would be able to cut their hair short and look better as they did with long hair. Long hair Clara is stunning. This new Clara is okay. Anyways, the main reason it places this low is one, it’s not as good as the other 6 photos and 2, her head is a little bobble head here.


So after 7 great photos, we quickly dive into the boring territory. First of all, I LOVE Valerie’s outfit. It’s playful and fun, yet it still looks fashionable. Valerie’s not doing it justice at all unfortunately. Valerie’s doing the boring pose here that a good amount of girls did this week. Valerie’s expression is okay, but she still looks sort of tired here. She’s trying to go for slouching, but it looks like ACTUAL sleepy here. Let me say that I really like how her makeover looks here though. I hate the fact that Valerie didn’t work her outfit because I like how ridiculous it is compared to the others this week, so I wanted a more fun photo from Valerie.

9.Jennica (Eliminated)

I’m not mad at all that Jennica was eliminated to be honest, but it just didn’t make sense to eliminate a drama magnet this early. I’m probably just going to guess that they’d rather have the “last Filipina” storyline for Maureen than the representatives hating each other. Anyways, this photo is far from bad in my opinion, but it’s stupid that Jennica had to wear her jeans as a turban. It made no sense to pile up what you’re selling into a hat. Jennica herself doesn’t look terrible at all/ I like her attitude towards the side to the camera. It’s cute but maybe not so editorial. It’s not anything too special of a photo though, which is what’s keeping Jennica from getting too high.


This was an immediate dead last in my initial callout order, but it’s really not as bad as it is bland in my opinion. This is the example of the results of Maureen doing literally nothing but standing. It’s just boring as hell, but what keeps this higher is of course, her genes. It makes for a more pleasing photo than the other 2. Her body language okay. She tried to go for farmer boy, but her legs look like they’re doing nothing. Her eyes just look bored like no other. Also, her bangs are disgusting. High fashion? I don’t think these ugly ass bangs will make Maureen better than she was before.


Okay, I don’t think her makeover is bad or anything, but blue tips? That’s the most random decision you could make for Layla. I’d rather see her work a bob. That would be cool. Anyways, let’s move onto this photo. Layla’s pose is so fabulous in my opinion. She’s working her outfit really well. I like the turned foot on the chair. She’s doing something different than grabbing onto the chair. I don’t mind how her arms are just dangling like that. Unfortunately, the reason why it’s  so low is her face here. That is most unenthusiastic face from Layla so far. Layla has the most high fashion features no doubt, and she could just stare at the camera and still look high fashion, so how did THIS face happen. It bugs me how much potential Layla wasted on this show because her post show is fantastic.


Unpopular time! This photo sucks balls from Tu. I’m not a Tu hater. I actually like her a good amount, but I really don’t get why this even got SCO. Tu’s body looks terrible here. I really don’t get why everyone thinks this pose is so good because it looks like every limb of hers is broken and flailing here. Her facial expression is not good at all either. I hate how she’s staring at the camera like that. Not to mention that she felt terrible during the photoshoot so once again, I could see the exhaustion in her face, which is unfortunate. At least her red hair caught the light nicely.


1.Dorothy 2/1/1 (1.33)

2.Alicia 4/5/4 (4.33)

3.Maureen 1/4/10 (5)

4.Clara 3/6/7 (5.33)

5.Jennica 6/2/9 (5.67) ELIMINATED WEEK 3

6.Veronika 7/9/2 (6)

7.Cindy 11/3/6 (6.67)

8.Shikin 12/8/3 (7.67)

9.Layla 5/10/11 (8.67)

10.Tu 9/7/12 (9.33)

11.Valerie 10/11/8 (9.67)

12.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

13.Nametha 13/13/5 (10.33)

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1


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