ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 5

This week was really good to be honest. NONE of the girls were real offenders this shot, and when the girls did good in this shot, they did AMAZING in this shot. So the concept is just them being paparazzi divas and coming out of really nice cars (surprisingly not Subaru). The overall result is amazing to be honest. I’d say the best one to come from this shot is the best shot of the cycle (so far). My second favorite isn’t far behind that title as well. However, the elimination was out of the blue, but I guess it made sense since none of the judges were fans of her. I still though her whole portfolio is really solid. Even this week’s wasn’t bad. Let’s start in this amazing week!


I don’t think anyone really expected Valerie to churn out a shot as amazing as this one. I sure didn’t. This shot is truly amazing here. I love how much Valerie is into the moment here. This photo feels as if Valerie took a slight glimpse while coming out of her expensive ass car. Her face is incredible here. All of her features look really polished here. The expression is so regal and rich ass bitch-esque. She’s also rocking her black jacket. I didn’t like how her black jacket looked because I thought it would make her look older than she did, but it’s doing wonders to her body. Look at how her waist looks here. It’s almost unreal. The movement of opening the cars is going all the way to her limbs. The way she sells the purse too. I can go on about everything in this shot. As someone as average as Valerie, this shot was to not be expected from her, but it’s still a truly amazing shot from her. One of if not my favorites of this cycle.


Hot damn, does it suck to not see this as the featured image. This shot is almost as amazing as Valerie’s. It gives some serious competition to her photo. Last week, I said that Dorothy didn’t take the makeup well at all, but this week, she looks incredible. Not to mention that she looked just as stunning during her photoshoot. Dorothy had one of my favorite stylings this week. She looks like a fabulous spy here. Also, thank god her bangs are gone here. Bangs are below Dorothy’s standards anyways. I LOVE Dorothy’s expression. The pissy face is brilliant for the paparazzi. The action in her hair paired with the subtle body is beautiful. She’s doing a booty tooch (It’s your calling Tyra). Unfortunately, this is the last of the gems that Dorothy has in her portfolio, but at least she gave multiple shots that are on the level of this one.


Shikin decides to deliver another really good photo! Shikin looks absolutely stunning in this shot. Shikin usually doesn’t look as stunning as she really is bar her denim shot, but here? Wow, I can see some androgny here too. I love the side glance. The subtle movement in her body is great too. I love how she grabs onto her outfit like that. Like she was disturbed by a noise. Also, Shikin’s rocking the purple lipstick here! She’s actually rocking the makeup in general this week (unlike last week’s fiesta). I really like that they chose such a simple yet professional outfit for Shikin. It really reflects on how she really is. She’s competitive but knows how to keep it nice. Her cheekbones look really defined along with her jawline here too. A fabulous shot from Shikin.


We have dove from the 3 fantastic shots, but I still think that Maureen’s shot is still really nice, though her getting FCO was weird. This photo just doesn’t warrant a FCO at all in my opinion. However, I’d still say that this is still her best shot so far in the competition. First of all, Maureen looks beautiful. I do like how the makeup looks on her. I feel like it sort of cloaks her commercial beauty into something more professional and formal. Maureen did something more different compared to the other girls though. She let the shot stay very subtle and casual. Note how little tension there is in her body. It’s like she’s just leaning on it, but in such an alluring way, it’s nice. The same goes to her face. I really don’t think it has any flaws, but the top 3 are just WAYY above this photo’s level.

5.Alicia (Eliminated)

Despite me liking Alicia and putting her at pretty high callouts, it was pretty obvious that she was an early out. I guess you can call her the new Chesca, except that her look is more interesting. The judges never seemed to take a liking for Alicia at all. She was constantly in the bottom for whatever reasons. Anyways, this photo’s really nice. It’s similar to Maureen. It’s serene and casual. I also love how Alicia looks here. She almost looks like a completely different person here, but I don’t mind. The body language is great here, though her eyes do read a little cluelessness. It didn’t warrant an elimination, but the judges didn’t like her much, so she was bound to go home early.


This is where the photos I don’t care about start. Nametha being the best of them. First of all, why does her hair look hay straws here? This is the worst her hair has looked. If it looked as glorious in the bus or denim shot, this shot could’ve actually been higher than Alicia’s. Oh well. Nametha doesn’t look like she knows what she’s doing, but I still think this is a pretty decent shot. There’s a lack of neck though. She handles the makeup well, but she needs to show expression through it. She’s clueless here. Her cheekbones look amazing here though. It’s pretty ok, but it’s one of her more forgettable shots.


I’m not sure if it’s underrated to put it this high, but I don’t think it was that bad for it receive a bottom two appearance. I thought that this photo was decent, it’s just the fact that she’s really not doing anything. She has no shape to her body. It’s a literal wood plank, but her face looks pretty here. It seems a little pissy here, but I don’t mind. There’s another girl with a lack of neck here. I guess Clara’s photo is still not good, but I really don’t think it’s as much of an offender as some of the other photos below my callout for her.


Sorry for giving Tu so many low callouts, but this is not a very good photo from Tu. There aren’t really any offenders in this shot. It’s just that Tu isn’t using her look very well here. She has a tendency to look like a mom at times, and I can clearly see that here. She looks like an asian mom waiting for her kid to be honest. Her nose and open mouth look weird here too. The body isn’t anything too special to special to talk about. Anyways, this just isn’t a very good photo in general, but it’s not terrible.


I feel bad for Veronika. I still don’t think this photo is terrible really. It’s just that this photo is so damn forgettable (I forgot about it when I looked back on these photos). It’s also not helping that Valerie did incredible this week as well, so this photo is just so boring. The pose is very modeling 101. The face is trying to give some sassy attitude, but why would you bring that here? I still like how her bangs and features look here. It’s still not very good.


Wow, I seriously do look like I hate Cindy. Well, I actually don’t, but I’m starting to realize how crappy her portfolio (I was blinded by how cute she was). This is not very good, but not terrible. I’m saying this for every photo because it was a really good week. I don’t like what Cindy’s doing here though. Her whole torso looks so off to me. It looks combined into one white thing. She’s getting swallowed whole by the product. I don’t like her face either. Too hesitant. Shame that Cindy couldn’t compete with anyone else this week.


1.Dorothy 2/1/1/11/2 (3.4)

2.Maureen 1/4/10/4/4 (4.6)

3.Alicia 4/5/4/6/5 (4.8) ELIMINATED WEEK 5

4.Clara 3/6/7/3/7 (5.2)

5.Jennica 6/2/9 (5.67) ELIMINATED WEEK 3

6.Veronika 7/9/2/5/9 (6.4)

7.Shikin 12/8/3/7/3 (6.6)

8.Valerie 10/11/8/8/1 (7.6)

9.Tu 9/7/12/2/8 (7.6)

10.Nametha 13/13/5/1/6 (7.6)

11.Cindy 11/3/6/10/10 (8)

12.Layla 5/10/11/9 (8.75) ELIMINATED WEEK 4

13.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1


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