ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 7

For a motion editorial, I really liked this one. I’m still very rusty on judging these motion editorials, but I’ll try my best to. Anyways, this week was basically the girls separated in groups of 2 looking really flirtatious and pretty in videos. I have to say that the results of the videos are great. I LOVE the music that goes with it. Also, most of the girls looked heavenly in these videos. They just look really dreamy in general. I’m really annoyed that this was a double elimination. I never took a liking for double eliminations in the first place, but it gets me more annoyed when it’s for a video. I wouldn’t have eliminated either of the girls who got eliminated. Okay, maybe one, but they eliminated my queen here, which is sad because she should’ve gone further to become the bottom queen. They also eliminated the girl that kept improving. Anyways, let’s get started with this.

Oh and sorry for not finding a better screencap for my featured image. There’s only 2 photos of my FCO, and the other one was extremely blurry. This one is just blurry, so I chose this one. Sorry bout that.

Video (I had videos of the individual performences, but surprise surprise, they got taken down after the finale):


Tu finally gets a FCO from me. First of all, Cindy-who? Tu completely obliterated Cindy in this video. Even though that’s not a good thing as group performance, I’m just judging individual performance. Tu’s makeover looks beautiful here. I also liked Tu’s styling here. Actually, out of all the girls, Tu has the look for this editorial in my opinion. I LOVE her smile. Also, that straight on gaze while Cindy’s playin around with her man pierced my heart. That was a beautiful moment. I also loved it when she played with the water. Really cute. Plus, the moment when she had the air in her face. Beautiful as well. She also overshadowed Cindy when walking with her. Her final pose is cute too. It’s an amazing performance.


This was my favorite group performance. The way Clara and Maureen worked together in this video is incredible, and it sucks that neither of them get FCO. Clara’s and Maureen’s performance are almost equivalent actually, but I’ll say that Maureen is the slightly better one here. Only by an inch really. First of all, Maureen’s styling with the jewelry and all. INCREDIBLE. She looks so beautiful and gorgeous here. I love it when took off her sunglasses. Such a beautiful moment. As well as when Maureen gazed up to the sky with her eyes closed. That’s my favorite moment of this video. Truly beautiful, but it’s not like Clara’s far behind her at all.


I really mean it when Maureen only did better than Clara by an inch, because Clara did incredible too. I really do like the contrast of Clara and Maureen. Maureen looks like the young and fresh girl, while Clara is the sensual and serene girl in this video. Every time she looks at the camera, she just looks so damn beautiful. Ugh, if only she had her long hair (never forget). When she swung the fabric while looking at the camera with her piercing eyes, oh ma lord. She just looked so stunning there. I feel like I’m reading off a very sensual poem, but Clara just looks so great here. Also, the final shot with Maureen and Clara was near perfect. It’s a shame she only gets a 3rd call out for a great video.


This got Shikin’s first FCO on the show. Not that I mind, but the top 4 girls this week were all pretty neck and neck for this editorial. First of all, I’m not a fan of her hippie potato sack she got in this video at all. All the other girls get something that makes them fresh and current, but Shikin? Nahhh. Anyways, Shikin looks beautiful in this video. I loved the seductive gaze she gave in contrast to the whole editorial. Shikin looks really cute. Especially when they gaze the closeup of that cuze gaze to the side. Also, when Shikin twirled, really cute as well. What really sold Shikin in this editorial was the very ending. When she took off those sunglasses, it was incredible to watch. Beautiful, and I’m glad she got her FCO.


Veronika’s (and Valerie’s) look really aren’t suited for this editorial, mainly because they’re not very interesting to look at, but Veronika did a fabulous job in this video. Yeah, Veronika does fade in the background when Shikin unintentionally steals her spotlight, but it’s not like Veronika’s bringing this video down either. In fact, I’d say she’s putting more thought into this than Shikin. I love it when she laughs. We can see both of their profiles while laughing, which is cute. The closeups of Veronika unfortunately aren’t as good as the top 4, but they’re not a painful sight. When she stroked Shikin’s hair though. That was incredibly cute, and it was the best moment of the video. Like I said though, she tends to just disappear sometimes, dragging her down here.

6.Dorothy (Eliminated)

The level of sabotage in this. I’m not even saying this from a perspective of a stan, but the amount of screen time Dorothy got in her video compared to Valerie? Something’s fishy here. At least Dorothy looked stunning for the majority she actually showed up. I do like the gaze she gave to the camera. It’s mysterious yet beautiful. I don’t get why they randomly added a scene of Dorothy whispering to Valerie though. It just felt so out of place in the editorial. The ending is really good though. Dorothy with the sunglasses on saved this video from being utter crap. The only reason it’s this low is basically because there’s not much to judge based on how little screen time she got. Call me crazy, but she was robbed to the maximum. Especially because of how incredible her portfolio is.

7.Valerie (Eliminated)

Valerie’s been doing really good for the past 2 weeks, delivering her incredible Maybelline shot and a solid shot after that. Unfortunately, I have to say that I do agree with this elimination. Valerie was the only one who did “bad” in this case. A lot of her moments just look awkward, and they don’t feel natural. Especially the moment where they just randomly pan to Valerie playing with the fabric. It doesn’t work, so it’s bad on the editing. Valerie’s face looks SO round during the video as well. She tended to look like a bobblehead a lot. This just isn’t good, but she surprisingly isn’t last.


I’m sorry, but Cindy REALLY needs to go home now. She’s a cute and relatable girl, but the judges are really overrating her work for the past few weeks. Like I said in Tu’s writeup, Cindy-who? Cindy is doing virtually nothing to make the video better. Everytime the camera pans to Cindy, she’s just smiling. Because of this, Tu just obliterates Cindy in almost every way. In fact, Cindy just looks like Tu’s friend who just wanted to feature in Tu’s video. This isn’t bad, it’s just that Cindy’s playing it so safe to the point where she just doesn’t make an impact on the video.


1.Maureen 1/4/10/4/4/4/2 (4.14)

2.Dorothy 2/1/1/11/2/8/6 (4.42) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

3.Alicia 4/5/4/6/5 (4.8) ELIMINATED WEEK 5

4.Shikin 12/8/3/7/3/1/4 (5.42)

5.Clara 3/6/7/3/7/9/3 (5.42)

6.Jennica 6/2/9 (5.67) ELIMINATED WEEK 3

7.Veronika 7/9/2/5/9/5/5 (6)

8.Tu 9/7/12/2/8/7/1 (6.57)

9.Valerie 10/11/8/8/1/3/7 (6.85) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

10.Cindy 11/3/6/10/10/2/8 (7.14)

11.Nametha 13/13/5/1/6/6 (7.33) DISQUALIFIED WEEK 6

12.Layla 5/10/11/9 (8.75) ELIMINATED WEEK 4

13.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1


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