ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 8

Sad to not have Dorothy making the show fun anymore, but seriously though. The double elimination from 8 to 6 really made it feel like they were very few girls left at this point of the competition. Anyways, this week was where they were bonded with a male model. The whole thing felt pretty classic. The usual male model and black and white sexiness is nice to see once in a while. However, the girls just didn’t deliver at all except for a single one. The elimination was a good choice considering her photo, but I’m not exactly happy with the top 5 girls considering their portfolios.


It took her 8 weeks to do more than pretty good, but here we go: an incredible photo of Maureen. This is easily the best shot out of her portfolio. I don’t think anyone expected Maureen to do this well with a male model either considering how she’s the most amateur in terms of modeling experience. Thank god her bangs are gone here. The movement in her body is incredible. It’s cinematic here. The shape she makes with her back too. Maureen truly looks malicious here. The way she grabs onto the man’s chest and the rope makes it feel like she’s seconds from torturing him. The look to the camera too. It’s truly breathtaking. I L.O.V.E the eyes. She’s truly gone away from giving the half assed pretty girl look. The expression is beautiful. Like she’s proud of what she’s doing. The slight inhale is great too. This shot is a truly deserved FCO for Maureen.


It’s pretty obvious that we just took a huge drop from Maureen’s fantastic photo. Unfortunately for us, this is the last photo that’s “decent”. Even then, this is still one of Cindy’s better shots of the competitions. Cindy’s usual problem is that her face is never committed while her body is already fitting the brief. Here, I can see that exact problem. Her face doesn’t look very engaged. She almost looks a little petrified here. The body is okay. Her legs look real nice, but her arms need a little more tension to make the shot more cinematic. All around, I guess Cindy was just saved by the fact that the other girls just did horribly.


We take another dive in photos. This being the best of the ugly four. I don’t think there’s actually any positives to this other than being the better of the 4. The pose just looks so amateurish here. Because of Shikin doing this pose, she just ends up looking like a midget in this shot, which she obviously isn’t. Her legs just look really skinny in general. The face just looks too chipmunk-y for my taste. Her nose looks weird here, and the way she grabs onto the rope like that… It just screams amateur here. Also, what is the male model even doing here?? This is definitely her worst shot of the competition.


Shame that Tu brought such a good body into this photo. They don’t look like a mess in terms of proportions. The body tells a story (not a good one though). It sort of looks ike a dying lover telling her last words??? That’s not fitting the brief but hey, at least it’s interesting. Now, we look at her face. The angle is okay… I don’t like the fact that she’s serving us some nostrils here. And then, THE EYES. The eyes are just dead. There’s nothing behind them. It’s like she’s actually dead here. It really turns me off from liking this photo. Technically, the fact that Tu has SOMETHING good should make it be higher than Shikin, but Tu’s eyes are just so boring and blank that it just makes the photo that much worse for me.


I was thinking of putting Clara at the very bottom, but it just so happens that I prefer Clara’s photo at the last minute rather than Veronika’s. It’s not to say that this photo is that much better, because it obviously isn’t. The bottom 2 was exactly on point this week. Clara’s body looks so contrived here. She looks like she’s in some sort of jazz dance judging by her jacket. In fact, she looks like the one getting controlled of rather than the model. Also, her eyes. They’re not dead like Tu’s, but there’s just some weird cross-eyed stuff going on over here. Plus, her hair just looks atrocious here. (Bring back long hair Clara) This is really bad and it warrants an elimination, but good thing it wasn’t her though.

6.Veronika (Eliminated)

Out of the top 6, Veronika was one of, if not the weakest models in the pack. (Including the overrated Cindy) Veronika’s so bland in general. I’m surprised that she made it further than her twin, Valerie actually. The whole episode we just heard her lamenting for her sister. It was plain annoying, so to see this crappy photo was a good thing because it told me that Veronika’s probably going home. That meant no more whining!! Anyways let’s put that episode recap aside and get to this photo. This sucks hard. The body is so stiff and contrived. As well as her neck. The face is just so… ugly. The gritting teeth and the dead eyes just don’t work at all. What a perfect elimination.


1.Maureen 1/4/10/4/4/4/2/1 (3.75)

2.Dorothy 2/1/1/11/2/8/6 (4.42) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

3.Alicia 4/5/4/6/5 (4.8) ELIMINATED WEEK 5

4.Shikin 12/8/3/7/3/1/4/3 (5.12)

5.Clara 3/6/7/3/7/9/3/5 (5.37)

6.Jennica 6/2/9 (5.67) ELIMINATED WEEK 3

7.Veronika 7/9/2/5/9/5/5/6 (6) ELIMINATED WEEK 8

8.Tu 9/7/12/2/8/7/1/4 (6.25)

9.Cindy 11/3/6/10/10/2/8/2 (6.5)

10.Valerie 10/11/8/8/1/3/7 (6.85) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

11.Nametha 13/13/5/1/6/6 (7.33) DISQUALIFIED WEEK 6

12.Layla 5/10/11/9 (8.75) ELIMINATED WEEK 4

13.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1



2 thoughts on “ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 8

    • Sorry for the late response, but thanks for reading! I feel like I do underrate Clara in terms of photography sometimes, but I still greatly adore her charisma a lot.


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