ASNTM Cycle 5 Photoshoot 10

See, back in the earlier weeks, I thought the girls actually did do well in their photos, and despite not having the most modelesque looks, they did pull through each week. Well, it just seems like the girls take WORSE photos every week. Either that, or the crop of girls they’re making is just not good at all. The concept of this week is not very helpful for the girls either. They are ice queens (or as Clara says it, “ice cream) in a tropical land with ice skates. The whole concept to me is just incredibly bizarre, but at least we managed to pull 2 pretty good photos this week.


As you can see, Maureen’s going up and down in the call outs (I WONDER WHERE SHE’S GOING TO PLACE NEXT WEEK). I really do like this photo. Her face is kind of reminiscent of her male model shot with the eyes going up and the inhale, and I don’t mind because it’s a good expression. She has this sort of ANTM classic fierce vibe going on with this, and I like this shot because of that. The body is cool and interesting, and the framing makes her look a lot taller here. Though, I probably should be criticizing for how stiff and placed her legs look here. It actually looks like she’s seconds away from tripping, but that’s what makes this shot a lot more memorable and better for me. It’s a damn good shot from Maureen, but unfortunately, it seems to be the last good one she’ll give to us (spoiler not spoiler).


This photo isn’t very far behind Maureen’s either. I like the dramatic motion in the fabric and the hands. I like how the arms make it look like they’re controlling the wind here. Her body still looks slender behind it too. Despite the legs being swallowed up by the gas, they don’t distract me much from the photo. Her face is beautiful here. Her cheekbones are solid here. The look up to the sky is surprisingly really nice too. Also, Clara provided some cute and fun times at her photoshoot, AKA her mistakening of ice queen for ice cream. If we had a photo of her posing like an ice cream though, I might’ve given her FCO just for the sole fact of her mistake, but hey, this is still really good and probably her best shot so far.


Everyone present on this earth, please bow down to all mighty,~Pineapple Queen~. The sole fact that she’s posing with a pineapple is ridiculous on its own, but when she’s posing with it like it’s a crown. That is when we must convert all our religions into Pineappleism. Shikin’s body doesn’t look as great as it should’ve. Her pose isn’t very dramatic either. Her face is really boring too. It’s too sultry for a photoshoot like this. Also, why does her face look so, so orange here. Shikin is like the only not ghostly pale girl, and it’s a disadvantage with the photo editting here. All around, it’s just a really boring photo with Shikin trying too hard with everything.

4.Cindy (Eliminated)

Though Cindy was a really sweet and cute girl and was literally the only girl Maureen could properly communicate, she just wasn’t very impressive photo wise. All I can really say about this shot is that she looks incredibly tall here. Of all the photos, she definitely looks the tallest of the girls. Other than that, everything is just a bore here. Her face looks exhausted and the pose is completely half assed here. There’s no tension or anything to make this photo look remotely interesting. If she brought the power of her body all the way back in her denim, perhaps she could’ve stayed longer (and probably make me go even more insane on the fact that Cindy would still be there). I’m still completely happy about this elimination.


Ouch, this is one of my least favorite photos in the competition so far. Everything just looks so bad. I don’t like the fact that she’s sitting in the first place. You can’t even see the skates here. The face looks TERRIBLE. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that she looks like a monkey here. Also, the slicked back hair doesn’t look very attractive here because it blends with the background, making her look bald. Very, very bad from Tu.

Honorable Mention:Xiao Qing

If we have another completely edited photo of a girl doing the photoshoot with the other girls, I’ll include it into my rankings, though I won’t give her an actual ranking. Xiao Qing would probably place right between Cindy and Shikin for me. This is like a crossover of Shikin and Cindy’s photo. I like that her face is confident. She looks tall. Her neck looks very long here. Xiao Qing in general just looks really old and you can tell she was photoshopped from the head down. There aren’t any severe offenders about this photo, but it’s not very exciting. I might consider a writeup for Xiao Qing, but I’m not sure so don’t take my word for it.


1.Maureen 1/4/10/4/4/4/2/1/4/1 (3.5)

2.Dorothy 2/1/1/11/2/8/6 (4.42) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

3.Shikin 12/8/3/7/3/1/4/3/1/3 (4.5)

4.Clara 3/6/7/3/7/9/3/5/3/2 (4.8)

5.Alicia 4/5/4/6/5 (4.8) ELIMINATED WEEK 5

6.Jennica 6/2/9 (5.67) ELIMINATED WEEK 3

7.Tu 9/7/12/2/8/7/1/4/2/5 (5.7)

8.Veronika 7/9/2/5/9/5/5/6 (6) ELIMINATED WEEK 8

9.Cindy 11/3/6/10/10/2/8/2/5/4 (6.1) ELIMINATED WEEK 10

10.Valerie 10/11/8/8/1/3/7 (6.85) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

11.Nametha 13/13/5/1/6/6 (7.33) DISQUALIFIED WEEK 6

12.Layla 5/10/11/9 (8.75) ELIMINATED WEEK 4

13.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1


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