ASNTM Cycle 5 Final Rankings

We are finally finished with the newest cycle of ASNTM! It took me about a month to finish this cycle, and here we are with the final rankings.

Overall, the entertainment took a swing from cycle 4’s peaceful utopia. 1 week in and we hear Jennica gossiping about Mau. Suddenly, one of the most iconic fights of this cycle, with Clara vs Tu, enravels and so on. For the first few episodes, I really enjoyed the excessive drama of the girls and unlike cycle 2, it wasn’t just a single girl, it was kind of all over the place (except the fact that Clara managed to make her way into every fight). Later on into the episodes, more of the drama just felt rehearsed more than anything. There were too many cinematic screencaps to count that it just made it seem like a cheap drama at times. It’s still satisfactory in terms of drama. However, a good handful of the girls can really be annoying. Even Dorothy, who I love, can edge on being annoying way too much. I couldn’t stand Shikin, Nametha, or the twin’s personality either. We had a few souls who weren’t annoying or lively, such as Maureen, Cindy, or even Heidi (from what I saw). The girls do have personalities and it’s satisfying to know that judging from the cast’s modelling potential and looks. I’ll have a writing about their photoshoots on my top 15 best photos post.

For the cycle as whole, it’s not terrible but not as good as the previous ones (except 3). The beginning of the cycle was great. The feistiness of the girls in general brought me in, but I basically stopped watching whole episodes halfway through because it really did get lackluster. This cycle would most likely place between cycles 3 and 2 on a cycle ranking. Now, it’s time to wrap up this cycle with the usual final rankings.

1.Maureen 1/4/10/4/4/4/2/1/4/1/4/3 (3.5) WINNER

Tell me how gorgeous she looks in her closeup. Quite possibly the most beautiful she’s looked in her shots. Maureen is beautiful in my opinion. Sure, she may not be modelesque beautiful, but she’s gorgeous. Maureen’s surprisingly the first ASNTM winner to actually top my rankings, though she’d be on the bottom if I’d rank the ASNTM winners. I am a fan of Maureen’s portfolio despite a few misses here and there, but for every miss she made, she hits another out of the ballpark, such as her Dominatrix and my personal favorite, her Ice Queen. Maureen obtained 3 FCOs from me and on the show. She’s tied with another girl for getting the most FCOs of the cycle. Other than her 3 hits, she just floated on the upper sides of the callouts most of the time. Notice all the 4s I gave her. She also had a slight phase of using sleepy eyes in her photos, which ended at her Maybelline photo. Now, if we get to modelling potential. I’m not sure if she’s capable of going international. Hell, Maureen’s not even in London right now as she delayed her contract. It may be her height (5,4 or 5,6 who knows), which is a HUUUGGEEE thing that’s holding her back. She’ll do fantastic in Asia though. That’s one of the two things holding me back from crowning her.Her finale was so atrocious in general that it’d just feel wrong to crown her with her winning photo. She may have to leave at top 4, mainly for that being her 3rd miss and so that we don’t have to see her finale photo. She’s overall not a terrible choice for the winner, but she’s the worst winner considering how versatile the majority of winners can be in terms of high fashion and catalogue.

2.Shikin 12/8/3/7/3/1/4/3/1/3/3/1 (4.08) RUNNER UP

It’s fitting for the 2 girls with the most FCOs to be in the top 2. You really get winner vibes from this shot. I see her confidence and the professionalism she has. Although, I found her to be really annoying most of the time. I just don’t like her cockiness at all. Now, I actually didn’t think Shikin would make it to 2nd place at the last minute. Dorothy was 2nd for the whole second half of the competition until the second to last week. I think Shikin’s a great model though. Other than her Avant Garde shot, she never actually amazed me the majority of the time. In fact, the other 2 FCOs I gave her were more just,”This shot is really good” other than “WOOOOOOW”. Her professionalism and technicality shows in her portfolio. She never really wanted to set loose in most photos, which is probably the reason I didn’t want her to be the winner. She’s the whole package really; she has the drive, the look, and modelling ability, but there’s something about her that just makes her a bit…bland. Maybe it’s the fact that previous winner, Tawan looks a lot like her? Anyways, I think she deserved her spot in the finale and her performance in the finale was incredible, but I’m okay with not giving her the win though. 2nd place seems good for Shikin, mainly on the fact that she’s just a little boring for my taste in terms of, everything, except for her annoying persona.

3.Dorothy 2/1/1/11/2/8/6 (4.42) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

Is she really 176 centimeters tall? It seems more plausible for her to be 166 centimeters instead. Other than that, I think she’s a fantastic girl. Call me biased, but I really do think Dorothy has an amazing portfolio. Yeah, she does have her flops (Buss and Neutrogena), but they can easily be overlooked by her 3 really good shots. Every single good shot she took was breathtaking. Her Maybelline, Denim, and Colgate are just beautiful, with Colgate being my least favorite and Denim being my fav. She’s incredibly versatile, from being able to smile for a campaign, like Colgate, and sell makeup like a supermodel, such as her Maybelline. I understand that her Denim shot is not for everyone, but I really really love that shot and was my favorite for a while. Her elimination was weird. She didn’t do particularly good that week, but it was easy to tell she was sabotaged by the little time she got on her Zalora music video (hogged by Valerie). I’m not a big fan of Dorothy’s personality though. At least it started to grow on me later on, but I actually couldn’t stand her for the first few episodes. I’m still confident that she would murder the later shots. I’d love her to do the Ice Queen or Avant Garde shoot. I’m giving her my win. Yes, I’m that crazy for her modelling skills and look.

4.Clara 3/6/7/3/7/9/3/5/3/2/1 (4.45) ELIMINATED WEEK 11

Clara easily has my favorite promo shot of the bunch. She looks so breathtaking with long hair in both her shots. Clara, along with another girl, was my pre-show fave. She was my winner before the show even started. I was not disappointed with her though. Maybe a little in her portfolio, but even that’s not bad. Clara was easily my favorite girl in the house. Sure, she has a small tendency to be annoying, but when you have girls that are ten times more annoying and aren’t funny, then Clara just easily stands out. She’s cute, charismatic, and fun. I really enjoyed her presence the majority of times. Even on set, she seems like a joy to have. She’s one of my favorite girls of ASNTM in terms of personality that is. Her modelling ability was pretty okay. I didn’t really get the love for her jumping shot, and I thought that her portfolio had a good amount of misses. None of them were too bad, but they were still pretty bad. Clara’s strongest point was actually her Subaru shot and onwards. Her Ice Queen and Vintage shot are easily the best. Her bus, denim, and jumping shot are good too. Oh, and I applaud her for never making it into double digits. I’m thinking of giving her the runner up position because the only time I’d actually see her do the worst was when I had another girl’s elimination in min. Her portfolio isn’t very bad either. Plus, one more episode showing of her persona too!

5.Alicia 4/5/4/6/5 (4.8) ELIMINATED WEEK 5

For someone I found so, so jank (look at this ugly promo), I was extremely surprised by Alicia’s performance throughout the cycle. It wasn’t until week 3 where I really saw how good Alicia was as a model. Sure, she doesn’t have the most interesting look, but with her makeover and her ability to model well, she’s a finished package. Not to mention that her personality is lovely too. She seems intelligent and humble from the screentime she actually got. Alicia’s elimination was a robbery though. Throughout her portfolio, she never ever sunk into double digits. She never sunk into the bottom half of the rankings either, which is quite impressive. Hell, her elimination photo wasn’t even close to bad. It’s unfortunate that the judges just never seemed to ever take a liking for Alicia’s photos. I knew her low callouts were going to lead to an early elimination. From what I can tell from Alicia, it’s that she’s extremely consistent with her work. She really is a chameleon. I’ll be willing to take her all the way to the top 5 to only be defeated by the fact that Shikin would be doing better than her, maybe top 3 if I were to see more of her of her work.

6.Tu 9/7/12/2/8/7/1/4/2/5/2/2 (5.08) RUNNER UP

Kudos to her for creating 30+ pages on her thread so quickly just based on her past and whether or not she had plastic surgery. Tu didn’t fail to impress me on the actual show either. I don’t think we’ll ever gain another girl with as many personalities as Tu. From being the most motherly, to the most competitive and cocky competitor. Oh, and the casual fainting every once in a while as well. I have so much to say about Tu here. I loved her for her care for Layla and encouraging her to create what we know now as her best shot of her cycle, (the jumping). Tu had genuine feelings for Layla and it was shown at her elimination as well. Like I said, she’s not one sided at all. She’s also involved with Clara for the fight about sleeping too late, which is probably the most iconic thing of this cycle. We also had a cinematic drama of Tu leaving the good girl’s room, which I doubt was even genuine. It’s still entertaining though. I could run on and on about the many shades of Tu we have, but let’s actually get into her photos. She has the lowest average of the top 3, and has the least FCOs, only obtaining the Zalora music video, which is still fabulous and incredible to watch. Similar to Clara, Tu’s highest points of her competition were her last 2 photos in my opinion. Even then, she never amazed her in terms of photography. She’s usually on the lower half, especially during the first half before her first FCO from me. Because of her lack of consistency, I’m planning on only taking her to the Neutrogena unfortunately.

7.Jennica 6/2/9 (5.67) ELIMINATED WEEK 3

Am I at all bothered that Jennica, third eliminee of this cycle, placed this high on my rankings? No, not at all actually. In terms of modelling, she was not robbed at all. Though, I’d love to see Jennica making it further than she actually did. As you can see from the numbers I gave her, Jennica never actually took a bad shot, her worst of course being her denim shot. That didn’t even make it into my bottom 2 though. Her other 2 shots are great. My favorite being her Colgate. She never made it into double digits on her 3 week stay either. Jennica’s proportions are rather similar to Maureen’s. They’re both one of the shortest girls to even compete on the show. They’re both smaller than Katarina actually. Unlike Maureen, Jennica is feisty and isn’t afraid to tell her opinion on people. Yeah, Jennica’s personality was basically, “I hate Maureen” nonstop, but it made for great entertainment value. She could never stop even during her elimination speech AND after her elimination in general. Add her catty personality along with her decently photogenic abilities and you got someone to take pretty far. I’m willing to take her all the way to the top 6. I want to see her go home saying how Maureen didn’t deserve FCO and all the headlines that can potentially happen from FIlipino news sources. UNderrated to the max by everyone I say.

8.Veronika 7/9/2/5/9/5/5/6 (6) ELIMINATED WEEK 8

Like RTVG, I’m not a very big fan of the twins in general. In terms of modelling potential, Veronika indeed does have the higher potential. Valerie’s cheeks are way too chubby while Veronika’s are much more chiseled than Valerie’s. Her jawline is nice too. Judging by personality, I surprisingly crown that to her sister. Veronika had nothing going on with her judging by her edit. It seemed that they kinda just built her up to the mourning girl we know from her elimination episode. I wanted to rip my ears hearing Veronika constantly whining about how she misses her sister. Her photography skills aren’t bad at all. She never made it to double digits surprisingly, considering that she made it to top 6. She’s also the last girl who never made it into double digits this cycle, rounding the no-double-digit group up. Her best is obviously her breathtaking denim shoot. Other than that, she was in the very middle or bottom half the majority of the time. Although I prefer her to Valerie in terms of modelling potential, I have no problem in eliminating her along with another girl the week Valerie floored everyone and their families, the Maybelline shoot.

9.Cindy 11/3/6/10/10/2/8/2/5/4 (6.1) ELIMINATED WEEK 10

We all thought Aimee making it 3rd place instead of 6th place was shocking, but this girl? Almost everyone thought she’d be 3rd or 4th eliminee, so kudos to her for that. Cindy’s a cute and sweet girl. It’s nice to have Cindy around in the house. Despite all the fesity and constant drama in the house, Cindy doesn’t become a defect like Tu. I can’t recall a time where she got into a fight either. She’s overall really adorable and nice. Although, I don’t like Cindy’s performance as much as I did when I was watching the episodes though. I remember rooting for Cindy to be the winner after Dorothy went home, but it just suddenly changed when I started looking at the photos again. Cindy is one of the tallest girls in this cycle, and it’s easy to tell most of the time. Her face is Korean Skincare Ad heaven hence her doing well on her Colgate shoot. However, she tends to lack actual emotion. The most expression she ever made were in her Colgate and her bus shoot (I didn’t like her bus shoot though). She does have a few good shots though. Like I said, her Colgate’s good, plus her Denim and Neutrogena are pretty good too. However, by week 5, she’ll have 2 good photos and 3 bad ones, thus eliminating her at the Maybelline shoot with Veronika.

10.Valerie 10/11/8/8/1/3/7 (6.85) ELIMINATED WEEK 7

Now that I’m looking at each of the girl’s averages, they’re all rather close to each other. Valerie being only around 3.3 points being Maureen, who tops this list. Valerie on an entertainment level was actually pretty interesting. Valerie was like the evil dictator of the good girls room. She kicked out girls out of her room in rather dramatic ways. Plus, the whole Wi-Fi drama was all thanks to this girl right here. Her personality in general though, was rather annoying, but more spread out other than her sister who exploded my brains in 1 episode. Like I said though, Valerie is the lesser model of the twins. Her cheeks tend to look chubby most of the time and her face is rather pedestrian as well. Her portfolio is somewhat okay. Her first 4 photos are not good whatsoever. How her jumping shot got 2nd place is really beyond me to be honest. Then, we get to her Maybelline shot, which came out of absolutely nowhere really. Not a single person thought that, of all people, Valerie would flat out murder that photoshoot. Following that is a good photo as well. Unfortunately, her music video is also rather bad, but I’m willing to let her go to the top 7, the Zalora editorial video. She never actually did the worst, so like Veronika, she just gets a free leeway there, despite me not liking her at all.

11.Nametha 13/13/5/1/6/6 (7.33) DISQUALIFIED WEEK 6

Nametha is one of the most modelesque girls in the house. She’s tall, has an interesting look, and the ability to take great photos. Yeah, what I said about her taking great photos kind of contradicts the fact that she’s ranking 11th, but it’s mainly because of her 2 horrible photos in the beginning. Nametha’s a very strong willed and coldly honest person, yet she’s still pretty cool and casual most of the time. She tends to be annoying just like the other girls in the house in my opinion though. Her honesty makes me a little pissed at times too. Especially for the Wi-FI incident, which is pretty much iconic for this cycle. Plus, the whole roller coaster of emotions she had during the panel was funny and sad at the same time. She went from sad for Dorothy being eliminated, then releived that it was a non-elimination, to finding out she was disqualified from the competition. It’s a tragic soap opera really. Her photos bar her first 2 photos are quit good. She obtained a FCO as well. Her denim was really good too. Her Maybelline and Neutrogena are somewhat okay though. She did make an improvement over the course of the competition, but I’m still conflicted but he fact that her first 2 photo sucked so hard. Her Colgate is easily the worst photo this cycle too and her previous shot wasn’t very good either, so I’m considering her to be my 2nd eliminee, despite her high potential and all.

12.Layla 5/10/11/9 (8.75) ELIMINATED WEEK 4

Oh Layla, you were the one girl on RTVG that every single user on there flat out creamed over and automatically crowned as winner. I can’t say that I wasn’t one of them, because I was stanning for this beautiful high fashion girl. Her features are incredibly unique and high fashion, and I think that her pre-show fame on RTVG was definitely deserved. It’s a shame she disappointed everyone with her little to no confidence. I mean, you can see that insecurity in this photo, but I didn’t think it was going to be as bad as it was on television. I’m pretty sure that she cried every single week. I was getting kind of annoyed by it too, though I couldn’t help but also feel sad. The whole build up of her multiple breakdowns led to the fainting that was never showed and to her heartbreaking elimination as well. Her low confidence translated into her photos, and they were not good at all. Good for her that she’s doing incredibly well in the high fashion industry (Harper’s bazaar) as everyone expected, though I wished she’d stun everyone on ASNTM. Despite easily being the most modelesque of the cast in terms of high fashion, I think being eliminated 3rd would be a good time. Her photo was pretty much a burnt lizard and the earlier the elimination, the higher her sanity will be late on.

13.Heidi 8/12 (10) ELIMINATED WEEK 2

This isn’t a very flattering promo as it makes her look like a mangirl, leading to being one the girls that I didn’t expect much from. As for everyone else, they thought she’d be this fun bitch who’d roam terror through out the cycle. Unfortunately, that just never happened to be the case. Looking at Heidi, she’s way better than this promo and she’s pretty. She indeed does have a good amount of potential. On the week of her elimination, it was sad really. From crying at her challenge score, to an emotional montage of her punching a tree. And then when she was so confident that she’d do well at the Colgate shoot, only to be eliminated for that photo. I felt really bad for her, despite her short showing. One thing i loved about her though, was her Aussie accent. She’s my favorite speaker of the cycle, so she earns a title. I don’t think she deserved to be eliminated 2nd, but I wouldn’t bring her that much further. I’ll bring her to the bus shoot.

14.Anjelica 14 (14) ELIMINATED WEEK 1

I’m not kidding when I say that I flat out hate this promo. Mind you, that she’s 22. Yes, she’s 22. She could pass as a 42 year old. Maybe 52 actually. The only good thing about her is that she’s the tallest of the Filipina reps. She’s not very modelesque in person either. Plus, her personality is pretty much unknown except for that fact that she’s proud to be Filipina and wants to be the first Filipina winner. Her only flat out sucked. She looked like a corpse, although better than this ugly promo. Felt a lil bad when she was in the background praying and losing hope every time another girl got their photo called out, but seriously. Good riddance and a perfect first eliminee as usual from ASNTM.






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